Dialogue for improved internationalization of higher education

  • Egron Polak, Eva; Aw, Fanta Former Secretary General and Senior Fellow, International Association of Universities (IAU) International Universities Bureau
Palabras clave: internationalization; ethics, inclusiveness.


 The article provides a brief summary of the context, the rationales and the goals that led several international higher edu­cation associations and networks from around the world to hold two special events on higher education internatio­nalization. It summarizes the two Global Dialogues that have been organized, ex­plaining who the main actors were, what were the topics covered in each event and what outcomes each of them brou­ght. Though successful in identifying some of the key issues the various stakeholders need to keep in mind as internationaliza­tion continues to evolve and expand, the Dialogues also faced serious obstacles in their fundamental effort of bringing ALL voices to the table. These obstacles are outlined as well and are noted even as the 3rd dialogue is announced and will most likely take place in Brazil in the fu­ture.

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Egron Polak, Eva; Aw, Fanta, Former Secretary General and Senior Fellow, International Association of Universities (IAU) International Universities Bureau

 Eva Egron Polak
Secretary General, International Associa-tion of Universities (IAU). Was educated in the Czech Republic, Canada and France. She studied French Literature, Political Science and International Political Eco-nomy. During nearly 20 years at the Asso-ciation of Universities and Colleges of Ca-nada, now Universities Canada, she held several senior positions including as Vice President, International, prior to beco-ming the Secretary General of the Inter-national Association of Universities (IAU) in 2002. At the IAU, an independent, glo-bal association of more than 650 universi-ties and associations of higher education institutions based at UNESCO in Paris, Eva Egron-Polak is involved in various policy issues in higher education – internatio-nalization, provision of equitable access to and success in higher education, the contribution of higher education to sus-tainable development, and leadership development among others. She has led the IAU to develop policy statements underlining ethics, academic values and higher education’s responsibility to socie-ty, while also offering new advisory and professional development services to Member institutions.


Fanta Aw

Dr. Fanta Aw is Interim Vice President of Campus Life and Hurst Senior Professorial Lecturer in the School of International Service at American University in Washin­gton, DC. Dr. Aw served as past President and Chair of the Board of Directors of NA­FSA, the largest international education association in the world with close to 10,000 members. Dr. Aw has over 25 years of experience in the field of international education exchange. She holds a PhD in Sociology from American University and is originally from Mali, West Africa.

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